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Who we are
Evergreen Citizens for Schools (ECS) is the volunteer citizens group that runs the levy and bond promotional campaigns for the Evergreen Public Schools.  Our mission is to continue ECS’s long-standing tradition of supporting Evergreen schools. Our objective is to gather community support to pass bonds and levy resolutions.

ECS runs a grassroots campaign and works with citizens in the Evergreen School District to make sure they have accurate information about the bonds and levies.

Financial support
ECS receives donations from individuals, families, local businesses and unions, and philanthropists who understand the important role levies and bonds play in supporting our school district.

What does the levy pay for?

This levy replaces the levy approved by voters in 2012 and helps fill the gap between what the state funds and what it actually costs to maintain the educational programs in Evergreen Public Schools. Funds from the current levy allow the district to pay for part or all of a variety of instructional services and programs, including:

  • More than 250 instructional staff (for example, teachers, librarians and counselors)
  • More than 180 non-instructional staff (for example, building clerical support and security staff)
  • Textbooks and supplies
  • Selected English Language Learner Programs
  • Selected Special Education Programs
  • EXCEL classes for Highly Capable students
  • Bus transportation for elementary students that live more than a half-mile from school
  • Classroom Technology
  • Library Materials and Equipment
  • Building and Grounds Maintenance
  • Extracurricular activities such as music, athletics and clubs


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